Summer getting you down? Plan an escape to a hilly retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life to unwind amidst the scenic surroundings…

Left wondering what to pack for the trip to hills? Pack wisely and take only fewer luggage to lug around! Here it comes — some packing tips and a list of must-haves for your next vacation to the hills.

1. Thick Weatherproof Jacket

Definitely the most important item you have to pack! In the cold weather you need clothes that will keep you warm and cozy. Windcheaters will protect you against the severe weather conditions. Go for a hooded one, which is also rain proof. Something in neutral colours, versatile, wind proof and waterproof will do. That way you will only need the one jacket and won’t need to lug around another heavy piece of outerwear. It can also make an attractive style statement!

2. Thick Woolen Socks

If you are prone to getting super cold hands and feet then go for thick woolen socks! Cold weather makes circulation go low in hands and feet and they can go numb. Thick socks made out of wool can be your most loved travel companions. Take wool socks that are warm & insulating and not irritating the skin most of the time. Long leg warmers will also do the trick! Pack enough woollen socks to keep your feet warm and comfortable.

3. Hiking Footwear

Long walks and other exciting adventure activities like hiking, mountain climbing, etc make up your trip to the hills. Exploring the hills is often best done on foot and there are more places slippery out there. It is essential to carry a comfortable pair of walking shoes to avoid sore feet and blisters.

Unless you want to go all the way tumbling down, invest in some solid boots with a strong grip. If it is a snow destination, it is recommended that you carry snow boots that prevent you from slipping.

4. Thermals

110% pack your thermals if you are very sensitive to cold! You can cut down on the number of layers you end up wearing with warm thermals. If the weather is not too cold, you could even skip wearing a pullover over your shirt as the thermal will keep you sufficiently warm.

5. Thick Scarf

Choose a thick scarf that goes with every top you have on this trip. This means fewer luggage in your backpack & with less options to choose from, getting dressed each day is much quicker.

6. Thick Gloves

An absolute must have to fight the cold at hill tops! It can be mittens or gloves as per your preference. As long as you choose something warm your fingers will not be subject to the creepy cold and if you plan to play with snow, you won’t get the frostbite either.

7. Underwear

While going to the hills follow this general rule of thumb — pack at least two weeks worth of underwear as you may not have access to washing facilities all that often.

8. Beanie

Beanie caps are not just for style! Our head loses a lot of heat when exposed to cold– so a Beanie cap is pretty essential to keep warm. Stay warm and in style with a Beanie that covers your ears. Any Beanie will do as long as it’s thick!

Just pick a neutral colour that will be in sync with your other clothes like maroon, beige and cream.

9. Lip Balm/Sunscreen/Lotion

Weather in the mountains often plays havoc on your skin. Definitely pack these skincare items to prevent dryness and sun exposure caused by the erratic weather conditions. Moisturizers rich in cocoa, body butter, soy milk or honey are a good choice. Don’t be under the notion that you don’t need to apply sunscreen when travelling to the hills. On the other hand, it is recommended that you apply one with an SPF rating suited to your lifestyle to prevent yourself from a sun burn.

10. Polarized Sunglasses

Now you can admire the beauty of the hills better! Bring Polarized glasses as the sun is extremely bright in the mountains. You can cut the glare and haze with these glasses.

11. Toiletries

Bring whatever you need to bathe, shave and make yourself presentable. Just leave behind fancy perfumes, and such things — you won’t need them.

Basic things like shampoo, conditioner, disposable razors, shower soap, deodorant, hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste & make-up wipes will do the works. Do not forget to pack feminine hygiene products if you are a female.

12. Medicines

Pack up any medications you need like broad spectrum oral antibiotics, anti motion sickness tablets and basic analgesia like Paracetamol. Reaching a doctor can take a long time in the hills so be prepared for small emergencies yourself!

13. Umbrella

The weather up the hills is unpredictable. Skies can open up any moment and the Sun is pretty strong! Make sure you carry an umbrella and be prepared for everything…

14. Electronics

Make sure to pack Phones, chargers, headphones, cameras, lenses, batteries, filters, cables, tripods, electrical adapters etc. to capture your adventure moments! You can install useful travel apps on your smartphones and tablets to make your travel super efficient. You can pack a smaller water proof day pack (Shoulder kit) to keep your things safe if the skies open up all of a sudden!

15. Backpack

Organize your things in a backpack for ? Make sure you pack well in advance with ease of accessibility and weight distribution. Pack your ID cards and relevant documents with care. The water bottle is also an absolute must since you would require it for those long walks or while hiking.

Finally, make sure you pack with excitement as you are headed out to one of the most beautiful places on earth! Just enjoooooy…

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